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Gluten Free Brownie Mix Comparison Review!

Happy Reviewsday friends! Today’s review is a special one, because it is the first comparison review I’ve done. A few months ago, I asked if there were specific types of products you would like to see compared across different brands. I have quite the list, but if you have any you would like to see me compare I would love to know!

This month’s comparison Reviewsday is on gluten free brownie mixes! I really enjoyed the process of trying these over the course of about a month. I will give you my overall thoughts and ratings of each mix as well as ratings on the following categories:

- Texture

- Price

- Brownie-ness (how close is it to a normal brownie)

- Accessibility

The ratings will be one to five “Seb Points” with five being the best.

Let’s get into it shall we?

Baker Josef’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix

Texture: SP SP

Price: SP SP SP

Brownie-ness: SP SP

Accessibility: SP SP

Overall Rating: SP SP

This was my least favorite mix out of the three I tried. The texture was strange, the brownie remained an unpleasant fudgy consistency even after keeping it in the oven an extra 15 minutes, I personally don’t really like chocolate chips in brownies and I didn’t want to eat more than one piece. I neglected to note the price of this mix when I bought it, but I think it was under four dollars, making it a pretty affordable gluten free option. Found at Trader Joe’s, this isn’t the most accessible mix to find as there are only 488 stores found in 41 US States. (That’s still a fair number of stores, but for me the closest one is about three and a half hours away so…) If this is your only gluten free brownie option definitely go for it! You deserve a brownie! BUT if these are not your only option please buy something else!

Cooggies Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bake Mix

Texture: SP

Price: SP SP

Brownie-ness: SP

Accessibility: SP SP SP SP SP

Overall Rating: SP SP

The only reason this mix is receiving two Seb Points is because you would never think this is a brownie if you ate it without seeing the packaging. This mix 100% tastes like, and is the texture of, a great chocolate cake. If we were comparing gluten free cake mixes this one would get seriously high marks because it’s excellent! You cannot tell it is gluten free AND grain free AND they managed to sneak spinach into the mix so you can feel a little better about anyone in your house (including yourself) eating it! The price is something to be a little weary of, at about five dollars it is more pricey than other mixes which are perfectly good. I wouldn’t buy this in your weekly grocery shop, but if you buy it for special occasions you won’t feel the price too much. This mix is found in Walmart and thus is highly accessible. If you’re in the market for a great GF chocolate cake mix, look to this!

Krusteaz Gluten Free Supreme Brownie Mix Double Chocolate Thick and Chewy(What is with these huge names??)

Texture: SP SP SP SP SP

Price: SP SP SP

Brownie-ness: SP SP SP SP SP

Accessibility: SP SP SP SP SP

Overall Rating: SP SP SP SP S/ (not sure how to make a half haha!)

These taste like normal brownies. I wouldn’t even stop there; these taste like a great brownie! My biggest critique of any brownie is that it HAS to have a crinkled top for it to be considered a great brownie in my book. My second critique is that it should have a texture that sits between cakey and too fudgy. This brownie has top scores on both those critique areas! I love it. The price of this mix is $3.84 which is pretty good as far as gluten free mixes goes. The mix can be found in Walmart (as well as other stores I’m sure) so it is highly accessible. I STRONGLY recommend this mix if you want to treat yourself to a gluten free brownie at home. I have absolutely no complaints about this brownie.


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