About me.

My name is Sariah Sebastian and the first thing you should know about me is I love food. The whole reason I have created this website is so I can share my love of food with all of you!


Growing up I moved around a bit which resulted in me going to high school in Italy. There I was able to travel around Europe experiencing the amazing food. When I was 20 years old I lived among the Latinx people in Houston and was exposed to amazing food again. To add even more to my food influences, my husband, C, is from the United Kingdom, where we travel to as much as possible, and we try to involve British food into our home menu. These experiences have lit a fire of passion for food in me, and I am excited to share it with you!

My husband and I currently live in Idaho with our three-year-old son Albie. Our passions are politics, getting hot chocolate together, playing with Albie all the time, traveling, good pastries and following our dreams. We are both passionate about continually becoming well-educated and informed on various subjects. What we love the most is the time we all spend together and we try to spend as much time as possible as a trio.