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Day 8: Savory Dutch Baby Review

Happy Day 8 and Reviewsday! Ever heard of a Dutch Baby? I know, it sounds so weird. BUT they’re good! For my Brits, it’s basically a huge Yorkshire Pudding. For my Americans, it’s kind of like a bigger popover with a hole in it? That’s the only way I know to describe that for you guys haha!

Dutch Babies are usually sweet and had for breakfast/brunch BUT I’m here to review a savory one! IT IS SO DELICIOUS! I honestly want everyone to try this thing. I found the recipe in Weeknight Baking by Michelle Lopez so you can either buy the book here or find a similar recipe here.

You don’t add in the sugar, and when you put the batter into the cast iron skillet you sprinkle cheese on top and crack on some fresh pepper. We use the Tillamook Sharp White Cheddar and it is TO DIE FOR. We like to pair this with a good tomato soup and it’s a perfect quick winter meal. The whole meal is ready in, at the most, half an hour.

My biggest note is to make sure you have the milk, and all ingredients, at room temperature; it makes all the difference! A quick way to bring milk up to room temp is to pour your milk into a glass measuring jug, fill a cereal bowl halfway with warm/hot water and then place the jug into the bowl. It takes ten minutes, tops, to bring up the temperature of your milk.


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