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Day 10: Mince Pie Review

It’s Day 10 and the words are “mince pies”. What are mince pies you ask? Well, let me tell you! Or, rather, let me tell you what Wiki says; they are…

“…a sweet pie of English origin, filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices called "mincemeat", that is traditionally served during the Christmas season in much of the English-speaking world.”

So basically, it’s a mini pie made with short crust pastry and filled with a mixture of winter spices and dried fruit. They are delicious!

Mince pies are from The UK and we love having them every holiday season. As a household that tries to go full English for Christmas, we make A LOT of mince pies, especially for everyone we know so they can try them. C likes spreading the love! Haha!

We use the brand None Such which you can find at Walmart or most supermarkets. It’s a really good mix and makes it completely unnecessary to make your own, which will be more time consuming and MUCH more costly to do.

We usually use this recipe for mince pies. I love how they taste when they’re done, but the dough can be quite annoying to work with. It usually takes me a few batches before I get the nuances of working with it and by then Christmas is over. So, use this recipe remembering that. If you have a really good crust recipe that involves some almond flour, I’d love to know about it!


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