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Weeknight Baking Birthday Cake

It’s an extra special Reveiwsday! We’re talking about the different parts of Albie’s birthday cake! He loved it (and so did we) so let’s get straight into it.

The Cake

I will normally try to only do reviews of recipes you can actually find on the internet. I feel like it’s more courteous as a blogger to do that so you all can try everything too. This is a special occasion though, so I just picked the cake I thought Albie would like the best.

I made the banana and chocolate chip cake from Weeknight Baking by Michelle Lopez for Albie’s birthday. It was fantastic! I think the best thing about the Weeknight Baking book is knowing, as long as I follow directions, no matter what recipe I choose it will turn out as it should. It’s honestly so impressive how foolproof these recipes are! I usually worry about making cake because I used to have issues making it, but every cake I tried in this book has been completely fine! If you’re interested in buying a copy of Michelle’s book you can find it here.

We all really enjoyed this cake! Chris couldn’t stop talking about it! It has a great texture from the cake flour and the buttermilk, and the flavors are classic. Delicious!

My only notes would be

1. If you’re not super into a crazy amount of chocolate chips cut the measurement to 1/ 2C of chips. This amount was perfect for me.

2. I would’ve liked a stronger banana flavor and I didn’t have that because I did not use extremely ripe bananas. Make sure to follow her directions and don’t use newer bananas.

The Frosting

I made the cream cheese frosting from Weeknight Baking. It was all a cream cheese frosting should be. Perfect!

My only note is that if you want a super white frosting you can whip the butter and cream cheese longer, say five minutes, and it should become a whiter color.

The Fondant

I made two figures from Albie's favorite show, Tumble Leaf, to put on his cake and used marshmallow fondant to model them. I found this recipe from Rosanna Pansino for the fondant and it was so easy to follow and worked really well! Coloring the fondant took me a little while, but other than that it was great! It also tastes really good. You can find a video of how to make marshmallow fondant here.


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