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Plant-Based Chocolate Mousse Review

Happy Reviewsday everyone! Today I’m reviewing Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for plant-based chocolate mousse. You can find the recipe by clicking the link below:

This one was a tough one for me. Throughout the years I have been on nondairy milk, gluten free foods, no added salt, etc. I have tried many alternative foods. I get that when you do something, like a chocolate mousse, without dairy it’s going to taste different.

All that said, I’m not sure if I like this mousse or not. I might have a spoonful and think, “yeah, I get it,” and then one where I just think it’s gross. It’s decidedly a toss-up. I will say this is a dessert you only want a little of at a time. The jars in this picture are even probably too big.

If you’re someone who eats plant-based foods I think you would like this. I would call it a good alternative to chocolate pudding. If you are vegan, all you have to do to eat this will be switch the honey for agave syrup and you’re solid.

If you’re not someone who is trying to eat more plant-based items just skip this recipe. It isn’t really worth your time. To give another opinion on this recipe I will say that Chris hated it. So take that how you will.

My only note for making this recipe is to make sure you blend the avocados by themselves before adding more ingredients and definitely stick it in the fridge before eating.

Let me know if you try this out! I would be very interested to hear your opinion!

(Chris and I have very different lunch breaks. He does homework about counterterrorism and I do food research!)


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