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Oh Hello 2018!

We’re about to start our third month in 2018 so obviously I’m a bit late to the party. I always have a hard time starting a journal after not writing in it for a few months, or years, because I feel like I’m obligated to bring the reader, whoever it may be, up to speed before I even say anything else. This usually results in me not writing anything because I’m too intimidated by the sheer amount of writing I’ll have to do. I feel like this is the same idea.

So, to save myself from not creating any content at all and falling into a black hole of Netflix bingeing instead, I am going to just write a brief summary of what has happened in the past two months or so.

We moved to Boise!

Yep! C received an offer, around Dec 29th, to do his internship with the Idaho State Legislature working for the House Minority Leader. We could not pass up this incredible opportunity, so we packed everything up and came over here. It was so unexpected and stressful to figure out but it has been wonderful. We love this city! The only downside to our move here is that in about a month we’re moving back to Eastern Idaho so C can finish school. But in about a year, when C graduates, we plan on moving to Boise at least for a few years.

I guess that summary update wasn’t so bad to write! If you want to see more about what has happened in the last few months check out my Instagram @sariahseb .

Since this is my first post of 2018 I just want to quickly list out some focuses I have for the year.

My first focus is always going to be my family. C and A are my priority always. I have specific things I want to do with them this year, but I think those will be explained in upcoming posts.

Like many who make new year’s resolutions I want to improve my health. I eat pretty healthily but I want to get some scheduled exercise in there too.

The main thing I am working on this year is that I am going IN on baking and cooking. Guys, I have rewritten this paragraph at least five times, but basically;

- I am done with university

-I have time to dedicate to things other than homework or classes

-I want you to come on this journey with me, baking and cooking and learning things outside of the classroom

And with all that, I am going to create an empire this year. I actually said it. I have HUGE ambitions for the coming year(s) and I want you all to come along with me. This is the year I become a top notch photographer, this is the year I become a businesswoman, this is the year I put my public relations chops to the test, this is the year I become a master baker, this is the year I start inviting you into my life even more and we create an amazing, uplifting, enriching community!

I am stoked about this year. I have big plans. I ask you to join me. I’m done with the idea that food, kids and lives have to be a cookie cutter, one size fits all. That idea “mom blogs” or food blogs sell is crap. I love beautiful food! LOVE it. So, pretty food pictures? It’s going to be here. But so is the rawness that comes in life. So are the stories about how many attempts it took to get one recipe perfect, or even edible. So are the blurry photos of a one-year-old who doesn’t stand still for pictures. So are the occasional photos from my old cracked smartphone. Because sometimes you don’t have the nice camera with you. Sometimes you were so excited about a meal you take a bite before you take a picture.

This is the year I am unapologetic for being me and for not being part of the cookie cutter norm. This is the year I get stuff done and I hope you join me.

So, here’s to 2018! We’re already in the thick of it. I’m excited to have you here.



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