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My Baking Inspiration

Happy June everyone! Can you believe we’re so far into the year?! I can’t. It feels like this year has gone so quickly with all of the moving and activity we Sebs have done in the past six months.

But this really IS going to be a happy June over here on the blog and Instagram*. It’s happy because I’m doing a special month-long series. I’ll explain more later in the month, but something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is inspiration. What inspires other people in their passions and what I find inspiring in my own.

This month I want to honor four of the many bakers/things which have inspired me to do what I do. I will spend a week, or so, on each one, sharing one of their recipes as well as a recipe I will create inspired by them.

I have been preparing for this project a few weeks now, and I am so excited for you all to come on this journey with me! I’ll be kicking it all off with a recipe in a few days, so I’ll see you then!

Can you guess who I’ll be talking about in the coming weeks?!

*If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, my handle is @sariahseb


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