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Jamie's Tarte Tatin

Jamie Oliver’s Tarte Tatin is the subject of today’s review. In the original recipe Jamie used bananas as his fruit of choice, mentioning any other fruit would do. Our family is trying to be more seasonal in our eating, so I went with pears. You can find the recipe below:

This recipe leaves much desired. I found it a bit boring, and it tastes as if you threw it together ten minutes before your friends came around. (Not a bad thing to do, you just don’t want something to necessarily taste that way.)

There are a few things lacking from this recipe, but my primary issue is the method Jamie Oliver uses for creating the caramel sauce. You are meant to put a quarter sheet pan over the hob on low to produce caramel. This process was meant to take five minutes, but instead, took at least 30. It was very frustrating, and the only thing to make it better was me turning the heat up to medium, which still took another 15 minutes. For a recipe which is so simple, taking that long to produce a caramel sauce was not worth it at all.

If I use this recipe again, I will make a caramel sauce another way and then pouring it onto the pan before adding fruit and puff pastry. Better yet, I’ll just find another recipe for Tarte Tatin.


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