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Imitation Cafe Rio Shredded Beef Review

We’re having a bit of a Café Rio theme this week! If you don’t know what Café Rio is, it’s basically like a Subway for burritos. I used to work somewhere very similar (Qdoba) so I’m pretty picky about my build-your-own burrito joints. Freebirds is probably my favorite one I’ve EVER been to, but, for where I live now, Café Rio is where it’s at!

There are so many recipes for imitation Café Rio foods. Most people are crazy for the sweet pork, and, don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I wanted to go for something different in my review.

I tried The Happy Homemaker’s shredded beef recipe.

Find the recipe here:

This is where I used a slow cooker for the first time and I received a crazy amount of messages from people asking how I hadn’t used one sooner. Haha!

I really liked this recipe. I think it’s similar to the beef from Café Rio, definitely. BUT I think there’s something missing. I found it a little too sweet, like it was a mix between the sweet pork and the shredded beef. It’s tasty! No denying! But for what it was supposed to be, I don’t think it hit the mark exactly.

We still really enjoyed it on tacos and salads. If you want something that gives you that Café Rio feel, this is a good recipe to use. Definitely worth the time to cook it and it lasted us a few meals which was so nice!


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