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This week we’re reviewing some of my favorite things to buy repeatedly. They’re just three basics that really make food fun for me on a normal day and I think you may enjoy them yourselves!

First of all, we’re talking Taylor Farms stir fry and chopped salad kits. These things are life savers when you want to make your family something quick AND healthy. The salads are all ready for you, you just have to mix it in a bowl, and it’s done. I found it to be about two portions if salad is your main course. I had one half for lunch one day and the other half the next day and it was perfect! The stir fries only take seven or eight minutes on the hob and they’re done. It’s honestly the best! My favorite way to eat the stir fry is by cooking it according to the package and then cracking four eggs over top and cooking it all together until the eggs are done. I serve that over rice and it’s a filling and delicious vegetarian meal. We have one of these kits at least every other week because I like them so much!

Okay now the bread. Naked Bread is something we recently discovered, and I don’t think we’ll be going for anything else in the near future. It’s a great price at $2.60 (in Idaho) and the ingredient list is shocking at only 12 ingredients maximum. It’s sad we expect our foods to have a huge list of ingredients. I love that Naked Bread keeps things basic and less processed. I remember reading the ingredients list in the shop and immediately showing Chris because I was so impressed! (Not sure if he was as impressed haha!) The bread isn’t just ethically amazing, it tastes fantastic! I highly recommend trying it if you’re on a budget and just want some great bread.

This last one is a bit of a specialty item, but it won’t bust your budget sitting at about four dollars. If you know Brits, they love their jam.


Chris has always had us trying different jams to find the best one and I think we’re (finally) done with our search! We buy Wilkin & Sons Ltd. Preserves. It’s such good quality jam! If you’re a Smuckers consumer I highly recommend trying this jam and seeing the stark difference. It’s not nearly as sugary as Smuckers. I’m a fan of anything black current, because it’s not a flavor you really find in the US, so that’s my favorite, but Chris really likes the raspberry jam. I am excited to try more flavors, especially the orange jam because, as you all know, I’m a sucker for citrus.

I would love to hear some of your favorite repeated purchases! Leave a comment and let me know what I should try next!


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