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ECO-friendly reviewsday

Something I’m never apologetic about is my passion for taking care of the planet in any way I can.

I’m not an expert by any means, I’m not perfect, I’m only taking baby steps, but it’s so important to me and I am passionate about helping people see the little things they can do to help out.

This Reviewsday is a little different. Every three or four months I tend to do a different sort of review, and this week it’s on tips you can use to be more environmentally friendly/reviews of products you can use to make small changes to help the environment. This list may include some things you’re familiar with, but hopefully you find something on it you hadn’t thought about before. Our family does much more than just this, but here’s some VERY accessible things you can do. (Most of these actually save you money as well which is a HUGE bonus!)

If you guys enjoy this list I’ll continue sharing the little tips our family has. The next instalment will probably be in September or so. Let me know what you think!

1. Reusable Produce Bags – These little mesh bags are a real gamechanger. Our family buys many fresh fruits and vegetables and the little plastic bags from the grocery store stack up. The produce bags you find in the store are not recyclable. Every family tends to use at least one produce bag during their weekly grocery shop, and even that can add up when you realize how many weeks are in just one year! My biggest hesitation in purchasing these bags was a fear of cashiers not knowing what was in the bag. Silly, I know, but I didn’t want to have to report each and every item I had on the conveyor belt. This rarely happens, and whenever I need to identify an item it has never been a big deal. The cashier will not be annoyed with you! (If they are they’re clearly having a bad day and looking for an excuse to be mad at someone.) Find a link to the bags similar to what we use below! They’re only $13 for nine bags of various sizes! You can look through Amazon and find many different ones too.

2. Dryer Balls – These little guys save you money and waste. Instead of using dryer sheets you can throw these balls in the dryer over and over. I have found they work just as well as dryer sheets and they’re affordable too. These dryer balls come fragrance free, but if you prefer, you can use essential oils to do the same job as a scented dryer sheet. Find a link to the dryer balls we use bellow. They’re $5 dollars for a back of two and last 500 washes!

3. Soap Refills – This also saves money and waste! When you run out of hand soap don’t throw away the container, just refill it with more soap. You won’t throw out plastic every month, and the refill will last you a long time. Usually the soap refill are around $5 or $6.

4. Reusable Water Bottles and Mugs – In the United States we, generally, have access to clean water. Why ruin that by buying plastic bottles filled with it? Take the time to use a reusable water bottle and it will save you so much money and so much waste. Simple. Reusable mugs are easy to use in coffee shops and truck stops. If you know what size mug you have most baristas will have zero problems serving you in them. You can even purchase one like mine which is ceramic with a travel lid, it doesn’t have to be a thermos. The amount of single use cups you will save is amazing and sometimes places will even discount your order because you brought your own mug! Below is a link for a water bottle like this one C uses and a link for a ceramic travel mug like mine.

Water bottle:


I would love to hear what things you do on a daily basis to help the environment!


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