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Donut Day Reviewsday!

Happy Donut Day Reviewsday! (It’s National Donut Day Friday just in case you didn’t know…you’re welcome) I’m pretty much donut-ed out since coming home from Portland, but I feel the need to celebrate important holidays, so here we are. AND that’s why I picked this donut hole recipe from King Arthur Flour found below.

This is probably the easiest way to make donuts at home because it takes less than an hour and there’s no raise time. There is a little left to be desired, because I’m all about those fluffy yeasted donuts, but it satisfied the donut-sized hole in my stomach. You can’t go too wrong with a piece of fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar.

Give these little dudes a crack if you need something quick and simple on donut day or go get a free one at a local donut shop! What are you planning on doing for Donut Day?


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