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Day Six: Orange Filled Donuts

Donuts. You say this word to my brother and you can get him to do nearly anything. He LOVES them. In exactly one week it will be Christmas Eve, but it will also be my little brother’s 22nd birthday. In honor of him, Day Six is a filled donut recipe. This is a plain donut filled with a lovely orange curd and they are delicious! I’m baking my brother’s cake this year and he said he wanted a cheesecake, but I think I’ll have to convince him to let me make these instead. I don’t think it will be difficult to do ;)

Are you a donut fan? If you are you should definitely consider making these homemade ones, they are really easy! If you do make these use #ssebs12daysofrecipes on Instagram to show me! Enjoy! See you for Day Seven.


For the orange curd

2 oranges

1 1/ 2 cups caster sugar

1/ 4 lb butter

4 large eggs

1/ 2 cup fresh orange juice


For the dough

1 1/ 4 cups milk

2 1 /4 tsp yeast (one packet)

2 eggs

8 tbsp (melted and cooled)

1/ 4 c honey


4 1/ 4 cups flour



For the orange curd

1. Use a potato peeler and remove zest from the oranges. Be sure not to include the white underneath.

2. Put zest and sugar into a blender and blend until the zest is very fine.

3. Whip the butter in a bowl, or stand mixer, until it is a lighter yellow color. Afterward add in the sugar mixture and cream together.

4. Add in eggs one at a time beating in between.

5. Add orange juice and a pinch of salt and mix until combined.

6. Pour the mixture into a medium saucepan. Put over medium-low heat until thickened, stirring continuously. If you neglect stirring the curd will not form properly and the eggs could scramble.

7. Remove from heat when thickened and allow to cool in a heat-safe container.

For the dough

1. Warm the milk in a large mug or heat-safe measuring cup then add the yeast packet and honey. Let sit for at least five minutes, allowing for it to get frothy.

2. Put a large pinch of salt, eggs, half the flour (2 cups 2 tbsp), and yeast mixture into a large bowl and mix together. If you are using a stand mixture be sure to use the hook attachment.

3. Add in the other half of flour and mix until combined.

4. Put the dough into a lightly greased mixing bowl and cover with a tea towel. Let dough rise for an hour.

5. Once risen, lightly flour your clean working surface and roll out dough into a rectangle roughly a 1/ 3 an inch in thickness. Use a cookie cutter, a jar lid, a knife etc. to cut the dough into circles. Let rise another 40 minutes.

6. Put enough oil in a large pot to allow for the donuts to float and not touch the bottom when dropped in. Heat on the stovetop at medium.

7. Once hot enough place one or two dough circles into the pot at a time, flipping when they reach a light golden color.

8. Place on a dry tea towel (you don’t care much about as it will get greasy) or paper towel to allow grease to drain.

9. Allow the donuts to cool and then poke a small hole into the bottoms of your donuts. Take the orange curd and put it into a small plastic sealable bag and cut off the corner of the bag. Insert the cut end into the donut hole and fill. You should feel the donut puff up.

10. Enjoy as is or place a glaze on top made from icing sugar, milk and vanilla, you can even top the donuts with curd if you wish. The glaze should be about five parts icing sugar to milk and one teaspoon vanilla should suffice.


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