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Compost Cake Review

Christina Tosi, she’s a boss, she’s a genius, she’s a legend, she’s just so many things! I have admired her for such a long time. When her episode of Chef’s Table was announced, I was freaking. It was a beautiful episode and she inspired me even more. I just want to smash things out like she does and get things done!

Anyway, I love her and so here’s another CT recipe! WOO!

I made the Compost Pound Cake you can find here:

It has potato chips, pretzels, butterscotch, chocolate, oats etc. and it is so yummy! Chris literally said, “If there is cake in heaven this is it!” so he REALLY liked it! We ate it so quickly we didn’t have a chance to share it with anyone…or maybe we didn’t want to? You decide. Haha!

Because it is so full of things, I think it is definitely an every-once-in-a-while sort of cake. I thought it tasted much better within the first 24/48 hours of making it so if you could make it when you’re expecting a group to eat it that would be a huge plus.


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