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Chocolate Chip Biscuit Reviewsday

This weekend we tried Katie Clova’s Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Biscuits for Reviewsday. (Linked below)

These are a super fun riff on the classic, savory biscuit. They were easy to make and are just what a biscuit should be in terms of flakiness.

That said, I do have issues with this recipe. The diameter for each biscuit or the thickness is off on the recipe. I rolled the dough to an inch thickness (as written) and used a two-inch biscuit cutter (as written) and I ended up with eight biscuits instead of twelve. Looking at the pictures attached to her recipe I believe the biscuit cutter she used was smaller and the dough was perhaps thicker. The pictured biscuits were much taller than mine and clearly smaller in diameter. There are typos in the instructions, so it just feels like lazy recipe writing.

My other issue with this recipe is the icing. There is too much icing sugar in this recipe, resulting in an icing tasting more of confectioner sugar and far less of cream cheese.

Over all it was a fun recipe, but I would not use it again. I might bake my own version, but certainly not this one.


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