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Bon Appetit Brussels Sprouts Review

Happy Reviewsday! We’re here for a Thanksgiving side review today by none other than my favorite Bon Appetit editor Molly Baz. (Everyone is in love with Claire but I’m allllll about Molly, just in case you were wondering)

The side in question is Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Warm Honey Glaze, which you can find here. I wish every person would try this brussels sprout recipe. I LOVE brussels sprouts, I know many people do not, BUT I think they’ve never met the right sprouts. If you’re on the fence about brussels sprouts, you hate brussels sprouts or you like brussels sprouts this is the recipe for you. (Yes, I realize that means everyone! You ALL should try them!)

These sprouts are the perfect crunchy texture from the roast, they have an amazing honey glaze, they have brightness from the lemon zest and scallions and they are perfect. I’ll tell you another reason they’re perfect, Bon Appetit created the recipe twice! September 2018 Molly created this brussels sprout recipe. This month Bon Appetit has been doing their “Making Perfect” series on Thanksgiving dishes where the team in charge of vegetable sides created the exact same brussels sprout recipe on accident! So 1. Molly Baz created this recipe 2. The team in charge of vegetable sides for Thanksgiving dubbed this side “perfect”. You need no more evidence!!!

My only note would be about the sauce. If you make the sauce exactly as stated in the recipe definitely don’t use the entire batch of sauce on those sprouts! They’ll get soggy. If you want to use most of the sauce then, once all the ingredients are in your saucepan, cook it longer, continuously stirring, until it thickens. We did it that way and it was so good!

Try them, they are delicious! They come together in about half an hour too so they’re perfect for your Thanksgiving Day feast.


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