Day Six: Orange Filled Donuts

Donuts. You say this word to my brother and you can get him to do nearly anything. He LOVES them. In exactly one week it will be Christmas Eve, but it will also be my little brother’s 22nd birthday. In honor of him, Day Six is a filled donut recipe. This is a plain donut filled with a lovely orange curd and they are delicious! I’m baking my brother’s cake this year and he said he wanted a cheesecake, but I think I’ll have to convince him to let me make these instead. I don’t

Day Five: Winter Vegetable Pie

People seem to have a hard time coming up with vegetarian main dishes. I feel like the problem is amplified even more during the holidays with long-lost cousins showing up to your house, and surprise, they’re vegetarians! C and I try to eat meatless at every meal, we only eat it in the form of peperoni on cheap pizza or the occasional taco when we go out to eat. Needless to say, we’ve had to come up with some creative main dishes for ourselves to keep things interesting in th

Day Four: A Cozy Night In

I love having a busy day out finding presents for my loved ones or looking at the Christmas lights on houses but little in my book could beat a good cozy night in during the holiday season. Having a treat, cuddling on the couch and watching a festive movie is the best! My favorite festive movies are Love Actually, The Holiday, The Santa Clause, Christmas With the Kranks, Elf, watching Harry Potter movies…oh man…maybe I don’t really have a favorite Christmas movie. I love them

Day Two: Let's Talk Cranberries

What emotions did you feel when you read the title of this post? Excitement? Disgust? Do you have memories you associate with cranberries? Perhaps you think of the can shaped log of cranberry sauce you grew up with every Thanksgiving but refused to eat. Maybe you think of Starbucks holiday drinks paired with their Cranberry Bliss Bars around Christmastime. Or do you think of that one time you ate a raw cranberry and ruined your taste buds for a few minutes? I feel like cranbe

Day One: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Welcome to the 12 Days of Recipes! I am excited to share this holiday season with you all and I hope we can enjoy some amazing food together. In the coming days, I will be sharing some of my favorite go-to recipes along with some new ones I came up with just for us this year. In the 12 days, we’ll have a mix of baked goods, healthier dinner ideas and simple, throw-together-on-a-cozy-night-in ideas. With that being said I’m kicking things off with my absolute favorite cookie r